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DuraTime Wireless Synchronized Clock Systems

The only clock system designed to NEVER FAIL!

The DuraTime Wireless clock system is the latest and most reliable way to wirelessly synchronize all time displays in your facility. Furthermore, wireless synchronization is now available at a lower cost than most wired systems.   This easy to install system will provide years of trouble free service, with near zero downtime.  DuraTime systems comes with a primary and backup master clocks so it has built-in redundancy.  Coupled with the integrated multi-path communications and data encryption, the DuraTime system promises to be the most reliable clock system available anywhere, at any price.

The DuraTime master clocks comes from BRG factory synchronized to the US Atomic Clock. However, GPS Time and NTP Time can be used similtaneaously.  The primary master clock sends these updates over a highly secure, multi-path wireless data network to all secondary clocks.    The high cost of synchronized wiring is eliminated and clock maintenance is greatly reduced.

The DuraTime RC102 master clock kit includes a TCXO Oscillator and a built-in network time receiver (NTP) that can be directed to sync with local or public time servers over the internet.  An optional wireless GPS time receiver is also available to provide simultaneous, redundant time acquisition.

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