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DuraTime Downloads

Below are items available for download

Editable Specifications

Design Specifications for the DuraTime Wireless Synchronized Clock System

Specification Division 16730-
Wireless Synchronized Clock System

Specification Division 27 53 13 -
Wireless Synchronized Clock System


User Guides

RC100 Wireless Clock User Guide
Version 4 06/21/2021
Walks you through making changes to your master clocks




DuraTime and Wi-Fi Document
Explains how DuraTime and Wi-Fi share the 2.4 GHz band, but don't interfere with each other



DuraTime Quick Set-up Guide & Site Survey
Designed to be printed on 11"x17" paper


BRG Mega Clock Installation and Operation Manual
BRG Mega Tiger Manual Update 02/24/2019
Manual helps in the configuration of DuraTime Secondary LED clocks. For additional Assistance, contact BRG's Technical Support for help.


Sales Literature and Spec Sheets

DuraTime 4 page Sales Brochure


RC102 Master Clock Spec Sheet 

RC150 Mini Master Spec Sheet

DuraTime Analog Clock Spec Sheet
Digital LED Clock Spec Sheet
Alphanumeric Digital Clock Spec Sheet
RCMAR Digital 4.0" LCD Clock Spec Sheet
RC142 Ceiling Repeater Spec Sheet
RC145 Wall Mount Repeater Spec Sheet
RC161 Wireless GPS Antenna Spec Sheet
RC180 Wireless Relay Spec Sheet

RC185 Wireless Relay/Audio Player/
Tone Generator Spec Sheet

RCMAR Instructions
Digital LCD Clock




DuraTime Wireless Software (zip file)
Version 1.0.24 Date/Time07/13/2020-11:09 AM



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