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About BRG

BRG Precision HeadquartersFrom the early beginnings in 1992, BRG Precision Products focused on technology products. Initial products were public safety software for fire station location modeling and graphics development. In 1996, a line of relatively low cost, electronic church bells were developed. This line of electronic church bells is still very popular today.

In 1998, BRG began selling radio controlled wall clocks imported from Germany. Once received, the clocks were modified so they could be used in commercial concrete and steel buildings. Digital clocks from other manufacturers were also added to the lineup of commercial time displays. However, the available wall clocks and digital clocks did not meet many customer’s requirements, and the manufacturers were reluctant to make any changes. Therefore, BRG developed new clock designs, incorporating the most requested features, coupled with the flexibility to add new functions.

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In January, of 2000, BRG introduced a new line of commercial LED digital time displays. The new displays were developed with two very important goals in mind. First, the clocks must incorporate a very powerful and flexible processor that would perform the most requested time display requirements. Second, the manufacturing methods must provide the ability to produce nearly any type of time display, without additional engineering. Both goals were met and the displays became an immediate success.

In 2002, BRG Precision Products was selected by the U.S. Government to supply all agencies, worldwide, with custom time displays and other custom electronics.

In 2004, the decision was made to expand manufacturing facilities to meet product demand and to expand the product lineup. The new manufacturing facilities located in Derby, Kansas, exceed 50,000 square feet.

By 2010, BRG had out grown the new facility and just completed a new 32,700 square foot warehouse next to our current building. With this expansion, BRG was able to stretch out and make more room for production, stock more product to reduce product delivery times to meet the growing demand.

In 2011, BRG introduced its DuraTime 2.4 GHz Wireless Synchronized Clock System. This clock system operates on a world wide standard 2.4 GHz band that requires no FCC licensing. In addition, it is easy to setup and install, features 128 bit data encryption for security and uses standard AA Alkaline batteries in the analog clocks. The analog clocks are designed to last 5 years between battery changes. The system also features dual-redundant master clocks for additional peace of mind.

BRG Precision Products continues with an aggressive research and development program. Bringing new products to market will continue to fuel growth in the electronics industry.

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