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Digital LCD Secondary Clock

The DuraTime LCD Digital Clock is designed to provide you with synchronized time in your facility. It receives a time signal from a DuraTime wireless clock system and automatically changes between Daylight Saving and Standard time.  This highly accurate clock does not require any external wiring. The large digits make the clock easy to read from a distance, even under poor lighting conditions, performing even better in brightly illuminated areas.  The shell is made of high quality Silver polycarbonate. The face is made of an easy to clean polycarbonate. It is designed to hang on the wall or set on a desk or table.

Marathon MST


Wall Mount

Hospital Setting

Desk Mount

RCMAR features:

  • 4.5” hour and minute digits in a liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Each clock receives and retransmits DuraTime updates
  • Automatic time and date adjustment after signal reception
  • Calendar with day of the week display
  • Hour, minute and second display
  • 12 or 24 hour format
  • Time accuracy better than 1 second in 3000 years
  • Time accuracy (Free Run) +/- 60 seconds per month
  • Indoor temperature (Centigrade or Fahrenheit readout)
  • Operates on 3 "C" cell batteries
  • Low battery indicator on display
  • 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence, Spread Spectrum Technology
  • Operates on the Industrial, Scientific and Medical band
  • No FCC license required
  • AES 128 bit data encryption for secure, reliable communications
  • Frequent correction assures accurate time
  • Internal antenna
  • DuraTime clocks have sixteen times the RF power of competing systems


BRG's DuraTime Wireless Synchronized Clock System is available on GSA Advantage

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