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DuraTime Wireless Synchronized Clock Systems provide correct time from the U.S. Time Standard.

New wireless technology allows fully synchronized time systems at a fraction of the cost associated with wired clock systems. In the 21st century, it should not be too much to ask that everyone be on the same time schedule. The U.S. government provides an accurate time source for the entire world through GPS system. Now, with the availability of low cost wireless clock systems, everyone can be on the same time schedule.

The DuraTime Synchronized Clock System first obtains accurate time from the world time standard (atomic clock).   The time may be obtained using the integrated network time receiver (NTP), or from an optional GPS time receiver.  Both methods may be used simultaneously, providing a redundant time acquisition system.   The correct time is then sent over a secure, encrypted, multi-path wireless network to all clocks throughout the facility or campus. Both digital and analog clocks are available in a wide variety of styles and models. Battery powered analog clocks are available that operate up to five years between battery changes, and do not require any wiring.

A BRG Wireless Synchronized Clock System will provide the accuracy your facility operations require, at a fraction of the cost of older wired clock systems.  The DuraTime system allows multiple, simultaneous master clocks for the highest reliability.

BRG's DuraTime Wireless Sycnchronized Clock System

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