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Wireless GPS Antennas

RC 161 GPS to Wireless

The RC 161 receives GPS time from US GPS satellites and wirelessly transmits it to the RC 100 Master Clock. This allows you to locate the GPS and master clock in different locations. The GPS uses the multi-path network of the clock system to transmit the correct time to the master clock.

The wireless GPS receiver can run concurrently with NTP and CDMA time source systems, providing automatic time source backup.  No other system provides this level of redundancy and reliability.

Features Include:

  • Cat 5 cable between GPS antenna and transceiver can be up to 1,000 ft.
  • Wireless operation - no wiring required between GPS receiver and the master clock
  • Supports high sensitivity for very weak signal acquisition and tracking
  • Integrated powerful CPU, base band and RF front-end hardware in a SOC (System On Chip) design reduces the space and power consumption is state of the art
  • Advanced IC technology reduces overall receiver cost
  • Ability to send time updates to multiple master clocks


  • GPS antenna
  • 100 ft GPS antenna cable
  • 2.4 GHz transceiver
  • Power Adapter


BRG's DuraTime Wireless Synchronized Clock System is available on GSA Advantage

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